A Request from Rover

This week marks the official beginning of Summer.  The season every motorcop hates.  Why?  Have you ever worn kevlar in the heat?  It sucks.  A lot.  When you can wring out a T-shirt by 1100 hrs, it isn’t a good thing.

That notwithstanding, we aren’t the only ones that aren’t huge fans of 90+ degree heat.  Man’s best friend doesn’t mind the great big ball of fire…unless he’s stuck in your car. Your car turns into a nice little greenhouse when left in the heat for an extended period of time.  Even when the temperature outside is in the 80’s, temperatures inside a vehicle can be soaring and deadly.

Don’t believe me?  Tell you what, at the end of your work day, hop in your car.  Don’t roll the windows down.  Don’t turn on the A/C.  Just drive for five minutes in the heat of the car.  See how uncomfortable you get.  Now, multiply that by whatever multiplier will get a result equivalent to your shopping trip.  You will kill your dog.

My warning here is twofold: 1) I’m a dog lover.  I grew up with a Doberman and I loved her like a sister.  Being an only child, she was the only sibling I knew.  She was the greatest dog I’ve ever known.  For the majority of my life, I’ve had at least one dog.  I cry unfailingly at Old Yeller, My Dog Skip, and I loved The Art of Racing in the Rain (which I cried at the end of).  Thus far, I’ve resisted Marley and Me.  2) If I catch you leaving your dog (or more than likely someone calls it in to us) in your vehicle and the dog is in distress, I’m going to bust out your window, save your dog, and arrest you for animal cruelty.

It happens every year, but I have yet to deliver on my promise.  Maybe this is my year…I certainly hope not.

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26 thoughts on “A Request from Rover

  1. I hate summer too. Even Western Canada is too hot imho. Oh well, at least I’m finally out of tropical New Jersey – that was nearly the death of me. 😛

  2. YES! I want to have those people arrested. At least once I have to rescue rover and/or the baby out of a locked car every summer. It makes me very mad. I applaud you on your promise.

  3. Give in; you MUST read “Marley and Me!” It’s worth the tears!!!! (Half of them will be from laughter anyway.)

  4. Thank you for posting this! Trying to save one of these dogs is no picnic and people always say “But I cracked the window and was only going to be a few minutes.” What a horrible way to die for the animal.

  5. When I was in misdemeanors, I would have TOTALLY taken that case- even if I expected to settle for an infraction later. Just knowing that the latrunculi that did it had to come to court a few times and sit with the other untervolk during a criminal calendar, would be awesome. I would be tempted to call the press, too, just to shame the moron further.

    • You made me look up a word. AND I LOVE IT! I am so going to use latrunculus all the time now. Thanks.

  6. Thank you MC it’s good to know you are out there. You are so right having a dog is an extension of your family. I lost my Mandy girl last year and I still miss her greatly but I like to think she is up there with my Mum having a good old time. I have my Mum’s dog who turned 15 last month and it is a comfort to have that living link to share the memories . I don’t know what I will do if anything happens to her.
    I can’t think of any other books or movies but have you heard the song “Old Shep”? That’s enough to bring a lump to the old throat.
    All the best.

  7. I broke out a car window to rescue a hot infant on a September day in San Lorenzo once. The mother arrived and said she had phoned her husband to bring the extra key.

    I am still waiting for my chance to run 5 inch through a car parked at a hydrant.

    Good times!

  8. You cry? SOUL CRUSHER cries? Dude!
    Keep resisting Marley and Me ~ It will haunt you and that would suck too.
    You cry?

  9. Thank you for watching out for the dogs that get stuck in cars in the blazing summer heat.

    In terms of dog movies, Far From Home is not bad and while it made me cry it does have a happy ending!

    Marley & Me is awesome and totally worth the tears.

  10. I work for a large outdoor retailer, and I know last summer on the really hot days they would have staff and security walking the parking lots (lot of parking space for our flagship retail store) and calling the local PD if there was an animal in a locked vehicle. They would also radio into the store, where a page would go out to the store informing customers of the douchebagery going on and that the person’s windows would be broken out if they didn’t go to their vehicle immediately. Made me love working for LL Bean all over again. And yes, I did hear the page at least twice last summer, both on 90+ degree days (and I grinned on hearing management talk about having to bust out windows later).

  11. Dogs and small children.

    Here (in the UK) the RSPCA have been running sticker campaigns for several years now “Dogs Die In Hot Cars” – you tend to see them displayed on the pay-stations and entrances to car parks, (and a lot of people have them as window stickers)
    Sifficult to know,but I think that it has raised people’s awareness, although it does still happen.
    (There was a very sad case last year involving a police officer who left two police dogs in his car during the heat. both died.)

  12. I am a big fan of Art of the Racing of the Rain. One of the best books I have ever read. Check out Scent of the Missing – also fantastic.

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