A refreshing point of view

On Saturday, I worked a DUI enforcement night. I was sitting at an intersection (a bit removed mind you…wouldn’t want to tip my hand) when I saw a red pickup go through the intersection without stopping. The speed limit in the area is 25 MPH. He was doing about the speed limit.

I got all excited because I figured I had a fish on. I stopped the car and contacted the driver. I could tell right off he wasn’t drunk. But he wasn’t a typical stop…
MC: Hey. You know why I stopped you?
Refreshingly Honest Guy: I didn’t stop at the stop sign.
MC: Yeah. You got your license, registration and insurance?
RHG: Sure.
MC: Any reason you didn’t stop?
RHG: I ain’t gonna bullshit you, man. I just didn’t feel like stopping.
MC (with what I am sure had to be a shocked look): Fair enough. Hang tight, I’ll be right back.
I went back to the car and wrote a ticket. Sure, he was honest….and blatantly so, but come on…I still gotta be me. I mean this dude didn’t even slow down. I went back to the car and had him step out onto the sidewalk.
MC: Alright, do me a favor and sign the highlighted yellow portion.
RHG: Okay.
MC: Any tickets in the last 18 months?
RHG: Oh, yeah.
MC: You go to traffic school for it?
RHG: Yup.
MC: Okay, well, unfortunately, you won’t be eligible for this one.
RHG: Yeah, I figured. I don’t see much point in lying to you. I’ll just save us both some time.
God bless you, RHG. You truly made my night.

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5 thoughts on “A refreshing point of view

  1. Congrats on catching one of the few that actually uses the grey matter between their ears. I'm shocked he was so honest, and not suprised that you still scribed him. If he "just didn't feel like stopping" at that one, what other things will he do just because he didn't feel like it?

    I am kinda disappointed though, DUI enforcement or not, how could you become a cager??

  2. MotorCop said…

    "Kinda hard to transport a drunk on the back of the bike, you know?"

    Hey, where there's a will, there's a way…

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