A picture is worth 1,000 words…

In this case, it is worth far less. I saw this on my way to grab some lunch today. The gaduate (read on before you comment) was from a not inexpensive Bay Area High School. I’m gonna go ahead and guess Mumsy and Dudsy went to the continuation school.

Congats, indeed, Kayleigh.

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10 thoughts on “A picture is worth 1,000 words…

  1. Maybe that's some special private school code?

    I think it translates to "With Guns"

    Ya know, "Con Gats"…

  2. Not sure which I'm more offended by Congats or the horrible destruction of such a beautiful name.

  3. "Smith"…I'm very happy I was not drinking when I read your comment. Would not have been pretty. Con Gats…hilarious.

    HM…I know, right? No respect for our girl, Kaylee.

  4. Hahaha.. can I just tell you how funny it all is.. when your on the phone with someone and they have the oddest name.. u ask them to spell it.. and they CANT!! They give the phone to there mother.. and she can't spell it either!!

    I found out this one culture.. they take 2 names in the family and merge them together to name there baby! No wonder the names are getting so horrible.. I can't even pronouce them and I have years of speach thereapy under my belt!!

  5. On a Lexus, too. Just goes to show, being an ignorant a-hole can be lucrative, as long as you are ignorant in all the right places.

    BTW, if you want a revealing discussion of how abominations like "Kaleigh" get started, read Freakonomics.

    I bet there are little girls running all over trailer parks in Alabama with that name . . .

  6. Your grandmother spelled "Congratulations" incorrectly on the cake she served to all of my friends and family after my graduation! Yea, that was embarrassing! Why do you think I tell people I'm adopted? Maybe Kayleigh will consider the same!

  7. We had an ad go out to about 10,000 people for a "back to shcool sale. I am surprised that it didn't end up on Leno

  8. I do also have to point out that the dispatcher is commenting on misspellings with a comment that has the incorrect use of the word there.

  9. sorry to pick on the dispatcher, but "your" should be "you're", as in "you are"……. sorry, that was a pet peeve of my 8th grade English teacher, and she infected me with the same peeve.

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