A New Addition (Alternate Title: A Cool Christian Blog?!?!)

The whole point of the post that follows is to point you all to a new addition to the sidebar. It’s another blog. This one, however, is different. It’s got nothing (and everything…dammit if I’m not clever) to do with law enforcement, EMS, or any other emergency service for that matter.

As a blogger, I have opened up a bit of my professional side to you all. On a few occasions, I have seen fit to allow a glimpse behind the curtain at the great and powerful Oz…also known as my personal life. This would be one of those occasions. Through the magic of podcasts of the Dave Ramsey show, Twitter, and facebook, I have found a man by the name of Jon Acuff. He writes a blog called Stuff Christians Like (a name he admits to nicking from Stuff White People Like…he’s on the homage bandwagon just like me!). If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve already seen the tweet (such a silly term) in which I said we have similar writing styles…except he writes about God and with significantly less profanity.
Jon is an incredible writer. As someone who grew up going to private schools and going to church, I can relate to what he writes about. I can look back fondly on my formative years and chuckle along with Jon about the things that we as Christians purport to enjoy. He is sarcastic…and we all know how much I can identify with that particular characteristic.
Please to enjoy…and I encourage you to start at post #1 and work your way through his archive. If you’ve ever spent a Sunday in an organized house of God, you’ll identify with at least a little of what Jon has to say.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Snark is encouraged. Being a prat is not.

5 thoughts on “A New Addition (Alternate Title: A Cool Christian Blog?!?!)

  1. Thanks for the referral, I could use some slightly irreverent Christian writing about now.

    I'm also a Dave Ramsey fan. I'm actually loving having a budget. No more guilt!

  2. I thought stuffwhitechristianslike.com was also funny, maybe funnier if you grew up around evangelical types.

  3. I love that blog (and Dave!). You might also like reading Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. I came across her stuff while reading Stuff Christians Like one day. Hilarious. (www.veryworstmissionary.com).

  4. A good friend of mine reads this blog and linked me to a post about being "Jesus Juked." Well I live in the Bible Belt and am familiar with this tactic, happens all the time on my campus. About a day later someone totally pulled a Jesus Juke on one of my facebook convo's. I laughed quite hard at that.

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