A Lesson in Anthropology/Ethnicity

Don’t worry….this isn’t a PC-type post…

I love working Fridays. I get along real well with the weekend guys (I also dig the weekday folks, too, it’s just a different vibe). At any rate, one of my partners on Fridays is my best friend. I’ve known him for years. We worked together in three different assignments. He stood up at my wedding. We had kids (his first, my second) within six weeks of one another. He’s been a drinking buddy, confidante, pain in the ass, cover officer, joker, and everything in between.
In short, he’s like a brother to me. Brothers tend to give each other shit. Here’s yours, Eldo…
Today, I covered Eldo (let’s just say it’s a nickname) on a car stop. No big deal. A very standard stop. There are two occupants. The car has false tags, the driver is on probation for DUI and he’s suspended. The driver’s entire legal name had more letters than the very alphabet used to spell it out. The driver has an accent. Both occupants are of a darker complexion.
Eldo (after already contacting the driver and sorting out all the assorted violations): You know you can’t drive without a license.
Driver of Unknown Origin: *mumbles something I couldn’t hear*
Eldo: Hablas Ingles?
DUO: Um, yeah, but we’re Tongan.
Eldo (without missing a beat, but still throwing me a quick look): Fair enough, park it and walk.
We quickly returned to our vehicles trying not to laugh out loud. Eldo told me later he probably should’ve known given DUO’s ridiculously long and impossible to pronounce name.
Relax, man, you’re not an anthropologist. Good comic relief, yes, but not an anthropologist.

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3 thoughts on “A Lesson in Anthropology/Ethnicity

  1. Hey MC, I *am* an anthropologist, and I can tell you that in SoCal, everyone makes the same mistake; that is, if you're not obviously white, black, or Asian, then the default ethnicity must be Hispanic. Poor Pacific Islanders! But I'm sure they're used to it.

  2. Today's fun fact: Tonga.

    The Tongan currency is called the Pa'anga. An island nation comprised of 169 separate islands (only 36 of which are inhabited), the total area of Tonga is 289 square miles. (That makes it slightly larger than the total area of the City & County of San Francisco, which is 232 square miles). Located north-northwest of New Zealand, Tonga's total population is estimated at 104,000 (less two people recently stopped in 'Town').

    Suddenly, I'm in the mood for a game of Trivial Pursuit.

  3. Have you noticed they seem to have infiltrated the NFL??? Not that there's anything wrong with that. 🙂 It's fun listening to the announcers trying to say their names!

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