A frightening realization…

What the fuck do you mean more than like five people read this bullshit…

Ok, so I’m aware that the Wife and a handful of family/friends/associates (No, I will not tell you in which category you are) read this blog. Apparently, though, there are a number of other people that read this 21st century diary of sorts…and I had no clue. I’ve gotta try like hell not to adjust my, shall we say, colorful way of expressing myself since I’ve come to know there are more than a handful of you reading. What’s that? Oh, I already used ‘fuck’? Whew…my reputation remains intact and my fragile psyche won’t suffer any permanent damage.

I had two surprising comments on the ‘ol blog the past couple of days. The first from a Bay Area blogger with a website of his own and a fellow public servant from an anonymous department. Their sites are entertaining and informative as well and I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw them the same shout out (Damn if I ain’t street, yo) they did for me.

So, my burgeoning friends, please to enjoy mayorofconcord.com and emsfun.blogspot.com. Before you ask, the former isn’t actually the mayor, but I must admit to being thrown when I saw the Mayor had commented on my blog. The latter, penned by the Happy Medic, stumbled on my blog on a recommendation from a friend of his. His wit and point of view dovetail nicely with my own and I plan on spending some time starting at the beginning of his blog and catching up on his entries. The title of Happy Medic’s blog is “You called 911..for this?”. Truer words never spoken. But, as we in the field say, job security.

Thank you, gentlemen, for the unexpected support. I, along with what seems to be a growing audience, will keep on eye on your adventures.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Snark is encouraged. Being a prat is not.

4 thoughts on “A frightening realization…

  1. Don't change a thing about your site. What makes you stand out is your colorful way of explaining the life you lead. I'll add you to my permanent blog roll today.

  2. Holy crap my motorcop! I always thought you'd be famous (or infamous in the scarier days) and even picking up on your inherited means of communication (less the colorful expletives) you’d make good one day – but cyber superstar? We’ll take the fame as it comes in whatever form it presents itself. I still say you have a book in that warped head of yours. You certainly have the material and I have a sneaky feeling the “input” from the tax paying public won’t be in short supply as the days tick off! Stay safe! (And, by the way, that is not a suggestion)

  3. started watching and read your blog since Mayor of Concord posted your site.

    You keep policing and blogging. I'll keep writing my thing, possibly busting the law, but cheering you none the less. Rock on!

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