A friendly tip from me to you

Hi there. Here’s Motorcop’s friendly “Tip-o-the-Day”. When you see a police officer, Motor or otherwise, obviously in the middle of contacting someone else, or say, I don’t know, writing a ticket to a vehicle containing less than agreeable folks…do yourself and the officer a favor.

Leave him/her the fuck alone. ‘Kay? Fantastic.

Oh, and a bonus tip, after you’ve obviously ignored the first tip, don’t tell that officer how to drive/ride his/her car/motor. Okey doke? Again, fantastic. What’s that? You’re not a trained professional? Why didn’t you say so? Well then, you can just fuck right off, then can’t you? Perfect.

Have a lovely day.

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8 thoughts on “A friendly tip from me to you

  1. This is where "do not speak until you are spoken to" applies (did I remember that quote rightly?). I've found it much smoother that way unless "law enforcement" is out of place by speaking to someone else when should be speaking to ME instead. You see… I'm deaf. Hahaha, no, I'm not a trouble-maker! Just a couple helpful reminder concerning my driving habits, ONE ticket (I'm ashamed), and wrecks (one my fault and one isn't).

  2. Are you seriously deaf? I'm not trying to pry, I've just been waiting to use what little ASL I know on a traffic stop. The Wife and I have been signing with the Kid since we brought her home two years ago. I'm utterly fascinated with the language.

  3. Soooooo…it's not ok to walk up during a contact, pick my nose, scratch my crotch, spit out imaginary chew and say "How comes you ridin a jap bike" ?

    Learn something everyday I guess.

    Atticus in Concord

  4. Atticus. You are killing me. That is hilarious. And technically, I'm still on American steel. So there.

  5. Unfortunately, some police officers obstruct traffic while writing a citation when there's absolutely no reason to do so. Rather than pull over behind the stopped vehicle, they just stop in the traffic lane so that people passing have to pull into the opposing lane.

    I'm not saying YOU do this but some leos do, and there's really no legitimate reason to do so in non-emergency situations. They're creating a dangerous obstruction on a two-lane road, and I see nothing wrong with a taxpayer bringing it to their attention politely. There are times when police officers need to suspend the rules of the road, and there are times when they should not. Just stopping indiscriminately, however, is generally not the most intelligent thing to do.

  6. Woofer,

    That may certainly be true…and in that instance, they are just as bad; however, more often than not, in my experience, it is the case that the driver stopped there after having plenty of opportunity to stop at a safer locale.

    Sometimes I use the PA to direct them to a different location…sometimes they can't hear me (can't imagine where their head is stuck…) so I have to get off the bike, walk up and direct them in person.

    Overall, however, I agree with you. There is a time and place for the "polite reminder" and I've yet to experience a citizen picking that appropriate time. But, I'm not counting it out. 🙂

  7. I was kind of curious. How come when we….I mean they…get pulled over, the cop asks do we know how fast we…I mean they… we're going. Is the answer an admissable statement? If I don't answer,( or I do, but in Latin) is there a chance I could become a night stick popsicle?
    Never remember if night stick is one or two words.
    Be safe,
    Atticus in Concord

  8. I've always assumed that when a cruiser is parked in or partway in the traffic lane instead of directly behind the stopped vehicle, it is a physical barrier to protect the officer, especially if getting around to the passenger side is for whatever reason not an option and the stopped driver for whatever reason was not bright enough to stop in a safer location.

    We do as much with our fire trucks at wrecks. Better to wax the BRT than me… overall, the BRT costs less than I do, and frankly I want to stay alive.

    I've never whined about a cruiser in a traffic lance. I guess it is the sympathetic fireman in me.

    – F4

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