A Fan Post

Every now and then, I am taken aback that you folks actually read this blog. Yesterday, I was given a link to a post from a blog that I don’t think enough of you folks have read. This is my karmic duty to make the two things into a seamless being. Please to enjoy from Big Brown Girl World

Thanks to Joey on Facebook for making me aware of this post. Joey, it sounds like your folks did exactly what they were supposed to do in raising you. Tell ’em I appreciate their work. Of all the people that read my blog, you rank amongst those that don’t really need to learn anything from it!
Oh…and I love the cuss meter. You keep shooting for those fucking stars, Joey!

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3 thoughts on “A Fan Post

  1. Big Brown shares your mastery of the rant MC. Always wanted to know how to spell "absofuckinlootly".
    Well…now I know.
    Be safe.

  2. Motorcop…thanks for that link I enjoyed it,
    I'm not much good at putting things in to words but I'm going to try and explain something, "you said that your taken aback at why we read your blog" speaking for myself I am very glad of you & other police who blog, as it give's me more of an understanding of your work & although it's something I can never completely understand, it has shown me many things that I would have never even stopped to think about before.
    as my life is so different…
    "sometime if you get bored…(hehe as if) your welcome to check out my blog…on farm life"

    Thank you MC for what you do.


  3. …But I can still read for my pure entertainment and enjoyment, right?!?!?

    Thank you for your kind words, which my Mom & Dad will certainly appreciate. And for your shout out. I can't believe how many of your readers swung in. What a surprise to see this morning!

    Keep keepin' your six safe and keep delighting us with your tales MC! And thank you for your service hoss.

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