A Brief Musical Interlude

Okay, folks.  It’s hot.  Like Africa Hot.  My brain is currently puddled somewhere at the base of my skull; however, I hate to disappoint you and not post anything at all.

Thus, I’m phoning it in with the following video.  Please to forgive my lack of original thinking.  I saw this video posted somewhere on my personal Facebook feed and thought to myself, “Rock?  Check.  Explosions?  Check.  Cool First Responders Motif?  Check.  That’ll do.”

Ladies and Gentlemen (and HM…BAM!), I give you Skillet with “Hero”.

Featured image credit: Flickr and ttarasiuk

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7 thoughts on “A Brief Musical Interlude

  1. Thanks for the video- I LOVE Skillet! And best part of all is they’re a Christian heavy metal band!

  2. I thought there was something off about their music! That totally explains it. I know these Christian rock bands try to say they “sound secular” except with uplifting lyrics, but I can always tell when it’s a Christian group. Something about their harmonies, I don’t know what it is. They totally don’t sound just like a secular band. Is Reality Check still around? I used to love them when I was a kid. I wrote them a letter once, and they actually responded. Famous people just aren’t as cool anymore, are they?

    • I don’t know if “off” is the term I’d use. Perhaps “different”? At any rate, I really dig their music and it’s nice to have that style of music that isn’t angry all the time simply for the sake of being angry. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy that style from time to time as well!

      I’ve not heard of Reality Check.

  3. I heard Skillet live at a WinterJam concert here two years ago – my son and I were instant fans. They have an awesome live show! When my son went off to college this last year he discovered a lot of fans on campus. Thanks for the video!

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