“4 out of 5 kids are on drugs”

The title of this post is an educational tidbit I wasn’t privy to prior to until about 0930 hours this morning. For your viewing pleasure, I offer the following scenario:

I stopped a vehicle after seeing the driver on her cell phone (*giggle*). I contacted her and she said, “I know I shouldn’t be on the phone.” Seems pretty easy what with her admitting to the violation. I scratch out the cite, walk back to the car and am met with, “I can’t believe you are giving me a ticket. I told you I was on the phone with a young lady who is in rehab and needed my help. Four out of five kids are on drugs and I’m trying to help one of them and you are giving me a ticket.”

Yes. Yes, I am. Pretty sure you can stop your death machine on the side of the road long enough to take your all important phone call from the young lady in rehab. The rehab that apparently has no staff on site to assist that very same in crisis youth.

Sometimes, it’s just too easy.

So, there you go. I was unaware of the statistic that apparently 80% of kids are on drugs. Seems like a lot to me. She also said she knows who is supplying them with drugs, but seemed reluctant to provide that information to me after I offered to go and arrest that individual. Hmm. Odd. She seemed like such a helpful lady, too. Shame.

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