3 Reasons to Subscribe to My Posts (hint: Free Stuff)!

At MCPD, I strive to share my perspective on police work (and occasionally random things that strike me funny) from the seat of a motorcycle.  Originally, my purpose was simply to vent my frustrations; however, as I grew into the assignment and due to the response from you, faithful readers, my purpose has evolved into a desire not only to entertain, but educate as well.

The newest feature at MCPD is the email subscription.  At the bottom of this post and on the top right of the sidebar, you will notice the option to subscribe.

Why in the hell would you subscribe to MCPD?

Reason #1: I am your favorite motorcop.

Admit it…even if you are a motor, I’m still your favorite.

Reason #2: You’ll get some cool, free stuff:

  • Weekly recap of recent shenanigans (you know, like that restaurant with all that goofy shit on the wall).
  • Exclusive Subscriber-Only giveaways!
  • A FREE collection of some of my most popular posts over the last six years (along with some brand new, never published, unique content) in an e-book format (coming soon!)

Reason #3: The hair.

You want to support the greatness that is my hair.  Seriously, it’s nearly a crime against nature to wear a helmet.

Okay, so perhaps reason #2 is the only legit one, but it’s reason enough!

Instead of investing valuable minutes surfing blogs,  you can now get my posts delivered to your inbox. Starting Friday, May 30, I will send out an email, via MailChimp, with my recent posts from the week! All you have to do is fill in the simple sign-up sheet in the sidebar to the right. I promise not to sell or share your email address to anyone. Ever.

 As per usual, feel free to share, forward and/or write the blog address on a bathroom wall!

Question: What other blogs do you subscribe to? Share in the comments below! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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