2012: The Year MC Rode Off Into The Sunset?!

*Cue tumbleweeds*

Seems there is a crossroads fast approaching MCPD.  A new Social Media policy is in the works, I hear.  Now, I haven’t read it as it is still in the “draft” phase and certainly hasn’t been implemented; however, I can’t help but be a mite concerned.  I’m not sure what, if anything, the new policy will allow me to write.

If I were a betting man…and I am…I’d venture to guess that most of what I’ve written is perfectly fine so long as I’ve not divulged any specifics with regards to open cases, disparaged my department in any fashion, or otherwise been a jerk (may have fallen short from time to time on that last bit).  My hope is that those that are responsible for writing the aforementioned policy would have a working knowledge of Social Media in all its forms (Facebook, Twitter, and blogs) and the policy won’t simply be a reactionary measure written solely out of fear and self-preservation.  Even better, what if the policy writers were to seek out those of us that use Social Media in a positive way and bend our collective ears?  What if they contact other departments that have made huge leaps forward in controlling their own on-line reputations using official department blogs, a la LAPD.

Imagine the possibilities.

Again, I’ve not read the policy, because as far as I know, it hasn’t been solidified.  When it does become active, though, I’ll have some decisions to make.  I won’t be continuing the blog if it violates policy.  As I’ve said innumerable times, I know on which side my bread is buttered.  Lord knows, I’ve come to appreciate my readers, but unless you lot take up a collection to replace my current income, the blog will go away if need be.

Do I want to rail against the Man and scream “First Amendment” from the rooftops?  Not particularly.  Things aren’t set in stone and I think there may yet be a way to move forward in a Mexican standoff if not out right mutually beneficial manner.

I’ll absolutely be disappointed if I have to bring things to a close at MCPD, but rest assured, I won’t simply be abandoning those of you that interact with me here and in my other arenas.  I don’t think a persona, a character really, interacting using Twitter and Facebook could be considered a violation of policy in any way, shape, or form.  Quite frankly, after all the time we’ve invested in establishing relationships and support systems via those mediums, I don’t think any good can come of relinquishing the power of those interactions.

If not for those mediums, I’d never have met Happy Medic and the BlogStalker.  There’d be no Kilted To Kick Cancer.  We wouldn’t have raised over $11,000 with the help of EMS bloggers the country over to fight prostate cancer.  I can only hope and pray that this policy will protect the organization that was kind enough to give me a job 13 years ago at the same time it allows me to continue the work that I started nearly four years ago.  I hope the scribes behind the policy take the time to consider how to appropriately use Social Media and embrace it for all the good/benefit it can bring.

Until the policy hits the streets, I plan on continuing as per usual.  I promise to keep you apprised of the situation as it develops.  I will always write.  I will always interact with you all.  If the way in which those things operate need to change, so be it.

I plan on being open to whatever it is God has in store for me and I hope to be faithful in listening.


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6 thoughts on “2012: The Year MC Rode Off Into The Sunset?!

  1. I had a similar scare with my previous employer. Although I was called into “the man’s” office to discuss the content that was posted on my blog. The end result was really no changes made, but an acknowledgement of the provisions in the social media policies.

  2. That is a tough call to make. I also have learned that there are very valuable relationships to be made via engaging on social media, but like you also knowing where the checks come from is important as well.

    Praying for your direction and that the powers that be can see the value to letting you play nice in your blog efforts. If nothing else you’re always welcome to guest post on mine!

    Keep us posted!


  3. Isn’t that sort of thing where the union is supposed to be of some help (as opposed to only defending only those who screw up consistently and repeatedly)?

  4. Some day the powers that be will take a look at blogs like yours and realise that they break down barriers, create good will and turn around a few misconceptions that the public hold regarding LEOs. All it needs is someone with a bit of insight who lives in the present with an eye to the future.
    Hopefully that person works for your Department.
    I guess now the waiting game starts. Here’s hoping for the best.

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