10 Years

I was reminded by a friend and fellow LEO today that we graduated from the Academy ten years ago today.

I’m sure those of you with as many, more, or just a bit less know, it flies by. To those of you considering a LE career or those of you in the infancy of same, do yourselves a favor. Take a deep breath, slow down, and enjoy it. Leave the job at the job. And lighten up…this job is fun. Learn to laugh at yourself because I guarantee you others will be laughing at you (and then there are the suspects).

If you haven’t decided what kind of cop you’re going to be, try hard to be the one that is not defined by what you do. This is a job. A great job, to be sure, but just a job. Be defined by your family, your friends, and the kind of man or woman you are.

In my experience, the cop that is a cop 24/7 is the kind of cop that is going to burn out quick and end up resenting most things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a cop every second, but it’s (happy, Linguistics Stud?) what I do, not who I am. If someone needs my help and I’m not “on the job”, of course I’m going to help. That’s not to say that my life is dominated by my chosen career path, because I assure you it is not.

It’s been a great ride thus far and I’m looking forward to tomorrow just as much (more likely more) than I was my first day on. Happy Anniversary, Chachi. Happy Anniversary, Joel (even though you suck and I rock).

10 down, 13 to go…

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  1. Happy Anniversary…!! And I agree about the 24/7 thing. Someone needs to tell my co-workers to get a life outside of the PD sometimes!

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