Has Video Killed the Radio Star?!

The Crossover Show - 134

They say that video killed the radio star but as far as the guys can tell…it ain’t helping all that much. In this episode of a cop and fireman having a beer and solving the worlds problems they discuss exactly what all the video is supposed to be doing for us. Everyone is taking video…what is it for?

The guys discuss MC showing video of a traffic violation in court, to a judge.
They also discuss a video from Statter 911 where a citizen live streams a fire response (and hilarity ensues)!
Is video even worth it if it isn’t being used properly?


The Enemy of the State by Kyle Mills

Artemis by Andy Weir


Does your confidence exceed your abilities around the homestead?

The Crossover Show - 133

In this episode, MC and HM discuss how first responder personas and their inherent confidence/arrogance may land them in some proverbial (or possibly literal if we’re talking plumbing) hot water around the house.

What about you? Do any of your work experiences and your relative confidence surrounding them translate into possible problems for you at home?

On a side note, apologies for the lack of show last week! HM was traveling for the holiday and MCPD was rife with the flu. All of them. It was terrible.


Sense Home Energy Monitor

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Off-duty: Intervene or Be a Witness?

The Crossover Show - 132

In this episode, HM and MC discuss off-duty actions. What are their (and more importantly, your) requirements/policies/moral obligations for acting during a given scenario.

Also…what about Worker’s Comp should you decide to take action and sustain some kind of injury? Are you in your jurisdiction? Are you considered on-duty?

*Disclaimer: As per usual, review and adhere to your department policies. Take the things these two knuckleheads say with a grain of salt.


#MICC is #Done!!

The Slow Fix by Carl Honoré

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Mass Shootings in a Small Town: What are Your Resources?

The Crossover Show - 131

In this episode, MC and HM talk about the shooting in Texas that left over 2 dozen dead and as many more wounded.
The guys dive into what little is known about the Three Disciplines in the area and compare that to the Las Vegas shooting in October.
As always the conversation evolves (or devolves) and they’re back talking about what they’re reading and planning for the week.


Sonoma Pride

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

The Slow Fix by Carl Honoré

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#TapTapTime: The Latest Trending Topic

The Crossover Show - 130

In this episode, MC and HM create a new hashtag:


Sure, there’s other things they talk about, but to be honest…#TapTapTime is the best part of the whole damn show.

They’re overly proud of it.

The guys talk about trying to get out of jury duty, shooting at actors, and getting FM transmissions over your phone.

They’re all connected. Promise(-ish).


Secret drinks at CA Adventure’s Cove Bar

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The Spooktacular Episode

The Crossover Show - 129

In this episode, MC and HM relive their childhood memories of the spookiest of days, All Hallows Eve.

Halloween, if you like.

Here’s a brief glimpse:

MC is ambivalent and HM actually makes his front yard a graveyard.

Also, they guys go deep intho their beliefs about the most underrated holiday in existence: Arbor Day.

You read that right.

Come join the guys as they wax all reminiscent.

No BOLO this episode.

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Huddle up and (wait for it)…take a knee.

The Crossover Show - 128

In this episode, HM and MC take a knee. Well, actually they don’t. They record sitting down.

They don’t want to spill their beer.

This episode finds the guys discussing the recent folderol with the NFL, “protests”, and the Stars and Stripes.

Don’t be surprised, friends. The last ten minutes are spent arguing about which Batman movie is the best of the franchise.

See how those things dovetail? 
Welcome to The Crossover Show.




How You Can Help Fire Victims

The Crossover Show - Special Edition

In this special episode, MC and HM held a Facebook Live edition of The Crossover Show. Not to worry, though! They recorded it!

Even though MC hit the wrong button and killed the show once.

By now, you’re sure to have seen the headlines that the Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Napa, and surrounding communities have largely succumbed to fire. The destruction is unreal. The guys decided to pre-empt their regularly scheduled episode and talk about a few things:

  • What happened
  • What you can do
  • What the guys want to do
  • How you can prepare for your own potential disaster

This month, they’ve decided to donate all the Patreon.com/TCS proceeds directly to those in need. No big companies. No intermediaries. Both MC and HM know folks that have lost homes. Those are the ones they want to lend a hand to.

If you want to help HM and MC, you can support the show at Patreon.com/TCS.

Another option is the CalFire site. There are a TON of options on that page!

Anything you can do to help is much appreciated and very much needed.

As always, thanks for listening and supporting the show!

The guys will be back next week to discuss the current state of football shenanigans in the NFL!

Hot (Racist) Cops. Well done, Gainesville.

The Crossover Show - 127

In this episode, MC and HM discuss a much ballyhooed photo (seen below) and the importance of background checks.

Being no strangers to the risks of social media, the guys weigh in on making sure the dude you put on the face of your department hasn’t made patently racist, offensive, and assholey (trademark pending) comments about an entire ethnic group.

Because as the department’s social media guy, you thought you had a golden goose…but the goose just shit all over your resumé.

Sorry, Gary. (MC and HM assume the Gainesville PD social media guy is named “Gary”.)

Ofr. Hammill (no relation) in the middle. He of the hipster/millenial/beatnik/Axe body spray variety.

Wait! Did you think we were done? Oh, heavens no! Fire has their fair share of fools, too! Introducing Jonathan Marotti from Crawfordsville, Arkansas. This Mensa member [insert sarcasm font] called for the POTUS to have professional athletes killed for kneeling during the National Anthem.


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SkyNet Takes Over TCS!

The Crossover Show - 126


Will robots ever take the place of Happy Medic and MC?
In this episode, the boys try to determine if robots can fill in anywhere else in the three disciplines and if it makes any difference.
Should administrative tasks and scheduling be handed off to a robot? Ambulance stocking? Was RoboCop a real thing?
What about autonomous drones? Could MC be out of a job?
All this and more while a cop and fireman drink beer and solve the world’s problems.


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